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I need to use a minipage environment and I need a footnote in that minipage. I want the footnote to be numbered in the normal footnote sequence and to occur together with the rest of the footnotes in my document. But, as this minimal example shows:







the obvious thing produces a footnote that 1) appears at the bottom of the minipage, and not the page itself, and 2) is "numbered" alphabetically.

How can I get a regular footnote in a minipage?

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You should use the footnotemark and footnotetext commands to artificially insert the mark and text.

Modifying your MWE, we have

Test\footnote{First footnote}

  Test with a bit more text to show that it really is a minipage\footnotemark

  Here is an internal footnote\footnote{Internal footnote}
\footnotetext{Second footnote}



which produces

enter image description here

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But this doesn't work with hyperref as expected – skpblack Jul 16 '14 at 21:41

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