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This is a follow-up to my previous question. Using the separate-uncertainty=true option with siunitx, a number like \SI{100 \pm 12}{\kelvin} would be output as (100 \pm 12) K

I want to get rid of the parentheses. Now there is a bracket-numbers = false option, which doesn't seem to work in this instance. I can do open-bracket={}, close-bracket={} in the options and this will work, but it seems rather brute force, as I intend to apply this to the whole document.

Does any one know a better way to sort this?

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To get rid of the parentheses while keeping the expression mathematically correct, the unit must be supplied to both the base number and the uncertainty. You can achieve this by setting separate-uncertainty,multi-part-units = repeat, which for

\SI{100 \pm 12}{\kelvin}

will output

If you really only want the unit once, without parentheses around the base number and uncertainty, you can set multi-part-units=single:

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Super, thanks Jake. I wish I could read a manual :> – aghsmith Sep 7 '11 at 9:56

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