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I want to put a descriptive name under the name in a signature:

I currently have:

    \hbox to \hsize{\strut\hfil #1 \hfil}}}

\hbox to \hsize{\hfil #1, \today\hfil}
\hbox to \hsize{\quad\sig{#2}\hfil\hfil\sig{#3}\quad}
\hbox to \hsize{}}

\signatures{Institution}{Name 1}{Name 2}{}

which is :

enter image description here

But I want: enter image description here

What should be added to the code to show that?

I call it using

\signatures{Institution}{Name 1}{Name 2}{}
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You could use a \shortstack{}, which allows you to use line breaks:

\hbox to \hsize{\quad\sig{\shortstack{#2\\[0.5ex]Advisor A}}\hfil\hfil\sig{\shortstack{#3\\[0.5ex]Advisor B}}\quad}

enter image description here

You can adjust the spacing between Name and Advisor using the optional length argument of \\.

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Yes, just what I needed. Thanks – cMinor Sep 9 '11 at 4:36

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