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Is there any way to make a kind of activities calendar to put five activities per month in LaTeX, what would you recommend to make it look nice.

Something like:

Month      Activities    
January   1.
February  1.

I was thinking in

        Month      & Activities \\ \hline
        January   &  1.  \\\newline &2.  \\\newline &3 \\ \hline
        February & 1.  \\\newline &2.  \\\newline &3 \\ \hline
       March       & 1.  \\\newline &2.  \\\newline &3 \\ \hline
        ~        & ~          \\

Is there a more elegant way to do this, also I am not getting that centered.

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For the centering problem: use \begin{table}\centering instead of \begin{center}\begin{table} (see Should I use center or centering for figures?) – Jake Sep 9 '11 at 5:49
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I would use the booktabs package, which gives you nice horizontal lines and appropriate vertical spacing, lose the vertical lines (they don't make the table clearer but introduce clutter), use one table row per activity, and use slightly larger vertical spacing to separate the months (you can do this with \\ \addlinespace:



\caption{Calendar of Activities}

Month & Activities  \\\midrule
January & 1. Eat    \\
    & 2. Drink  \\
    & 3. Sleep  \\\addlinespace
February & 1. Read  \\
    & 2. Think  \\
    & 3. Write  \\

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