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I’m trying to build an own biblatex style named musuos for that I created the two style files musuos.bbx and musuos.cbx which look like the following:

\ProvidesFile{authoryear-musuos.bbx}[2011/05/06 v1.0 Musikwissenschaften Uni Osnabrueck]


\ProvidesFile{authoryear-musuos.cbx}[2011/05/06 v1.0 Musikwissenschaften Uni Osnabrueck]

If I load them with \usepackage[style=musuos]{biblatex} everything is fine. But now I need to adjust a language string. For that I built the file german-musuos.lbx and saved it in the same directory as the style files.

\ProvidesFile{german-musuos.lbx}[2011/09/10 v1.0  biblatex localization file]



  bibcitedas = {{zitiert als}{zit. als}},
  urlseen = {am},


But it seems that the lbx file isn’t loaded. What do I have to do to make biblatex use it?

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Skimming the files of biblatex-dw, it seems you have to include the following code line in authoryear-musuos.bbx:


BTW, the authoryear prefix seems to be improper for a style that combines features of authortitle and verbose.

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Thank’s, that works :-) the authoryear prefixes came form testing something, I deleted them. – Tobi Sep 10 '11 at 12:45
+1 for mentioning biblatex-dw (c; – domwass Sep 12 '11 at 9:40

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