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In texmaker, I create document_setting.tex for input some document attribution like the author, publisher, some attribution in acknowledgements. And then input document_setting in master document report.tex.

Here is a command for a new variable, in gayaan.sty I write:


In document_setting.tex :

\Var{\titling}{Analisis dan Penghitungan Tingkat Kemiskinan}
\var{\subdir}{Subdirectorate of Constraction Statistics}

In report.tex :







And the result is success, but I can't do this in Lyx. Does anyone know how to do it in lyx? Create something like document-setting.tex?

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You could open "Document settings" in the LyX main menu and put \input{document_setting} into the document preamble, or the corresponding code lines.

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yes, I have tried it, last week I get an error message when tried with the same solution. this is my solution : insert child document in master document. child document as document-setting. and define new variabel in document preamble lyx. when I need to write the value of the parameter in another child document, I just write the parameter. I don't know why it just running well now. Thanks Stefan :-) – Verly Sep 12 '11 at 12:35

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