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I am using some independant align environments directly one after the other one and it produces some nasty space between them. Is there any workaround to shrink the size of the space a little bit?

Example: Example

My code looks like this:

\newcommand{\xeqn}[1]{\begin{align}\eqn #1\end{align}}
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Please post you code so we can comment on it. You are probably leaving a blank line in between the align environments. – Peter Grill Sep 13 '11 at 16:14
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Use the gather environment:

\text{$x>y$ genau dann, wenn $x-y\in P$,}\\
\text{$x\ge y$ genau dann, wenn $x>y$ oder $x=y$,}\\
\text{$x<y$ genau dann, wenn $y-x\in P$,}\\
\text{$x\ge y$ genau dann, wenn $x<y$ oder $x=y$,}

Never use two consecutive math environments.

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Works, but i have "problems" with the tags/numering as i use a very weird method... can you explain me how to adjust the gather code for my needs and my posted code? - EDIT Inserted \eqn before every line and it works! Thanks! – Christian Ivicevic Sep 13 '11 at 16:23
Don't use \eqn, but rather follow barbara's suggestions. – egreg Sep 13 '11 at 17:56

@egreg's recommendations to use the gather environment, and never to use two consecutive math environments, are seconded.

if all (numbered) equations are to be numbered the same way as these, there's a much simpler method: put the command


in your preamble and forget about \tag and the definitions for \eqn and \xeqn which would no longer be needed. read the manual for amsmath on this topic -- texdoc amsmath if you have a tex live installation, or follow this link.

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