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I'm trying to make a resume with a 2 column layout, where I'll have something like


For example:

Work experience[spaaaaaaaaaaaaaace]Some location, 2 years, etc
               [spaaaaaaaaaaaaaace]Another location, 1 year

Education[spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace]Some degree

Note that I want the right column to be left aligned to the same position.

I have been trying this with two minipages for each section. It seems to work well, but the problem is that Latex doesn't split the minipages, and forces them to their own page. I'd like the sections to generally follow each other immediately, and break where necessary. Something tells me that minipage is not up to the task: what's an alternative?

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You could use the labeling environment which is part of the KOMA-Script classes and the scrextend package. (And yes, the labeling environment allows page breaks.)




\begin{labeling}{(longest item name)\quad}
\item[Work experience] Some location, 2 years, etc\\
    Another location, 1 year
\item[Education] Some degree


enter image description here

If you need line breaks in the first column, use a longtable.




Work experience & Some location, 2 years, etc \newline Another location, 1 year \\
Education & Some degree \\
A long item name with a line break & Works! \\


enter image description here

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Can I do advanced commands within that? I'd like to get away with other markup stuff within the labeling box. – muckabout Sep 15 '11 at 16:20
I'd say yes -- just try it. – lockstep Sep 15 '11 at 16:22
But I can't dictate the size of the left column; it is bound to the size of the longest. What I'd like is linebreaks in the left column if the text is longer than the column size. – muckabout Sep 15 '11 at 16:27

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