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For documents with a lot of footnotes, particularly if some are short, it can be nice to have multiple on the same line, e.g.:

  1. this is the first footnote 2. this is the second footnote 3. this if the third footnote 4. finally, we begin to wrap around.

Rather than having it:

  1. First footnote
  2. Second footnote
  3. Etc.

Is there a way to achieve this in LaTeX?

(This is not a duplicate of this question because I'm asking about regular full page environment.)

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The para option of the footmisc package (which was the starting point of the linked question) is suited for a "regular full page environment".



\textheight=100pt% just for the example


Some text.\footnote{A footnote.}

Some text.\footnote{Another footnote.}

Some text.\footnote{And yet another footnote which (finally!) ends on a new line.}


enter image description here

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