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When calling a function with a post_linebreak_filter callback, the nodelist only contains nodes of type 0 (hlist), 10 (glue) and 12 (penalty), whereas when using a pre_linebreak_filter callback, type 37 (glyph) nodes are also sent.

Is there a way to analyze glyph nodes of a paragraph after the paragraph has been rendered (in order to insert PDF annotations)?

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This is not really the whole story. See the LuaTeX wiki and there you'll see that the boxes 0 (hlists) that you find are in fact the lines and these lines contain the glyphs. So what you have to do is: if you find a hlist (id 0), go through the node list where the entry "head" points to. See my answer to the overfull rule question where I call magentabox again with head.head. And for analyzing the nodelist: to get a graphical representation to use with graphviz (gv) see this github gist.

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