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I would like to generate the abbreviations entry in the report written in LyX. I could not find it. I would like to know 3 things :

  1. Insert the abbreviations table in the TOC.
  2. Insert the Abbreviation list at the end of all chapters from the abbreviations defined.
  3. Define the list of abbreviations as well.
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Here are suggestions for LaTeX, which can be used with LyX too: List of mathematical notation/abbreviations. – Stefan Kottwitz Sep 18 '11 at 11:46

LyX directly supports the nomencl package.

  • In the main menu, choose the Insert menu and then List/ToC, Nomenclature.

  • You can add nomenclature entries using also the menu, Insert, then Nomenclature Entry.

For further information have a look at the nomencl documentation.

A very good alternative to nomencl is the glossaries package.

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