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I'd like to make a list of headings with their font sizes:

I envision something like the following:

\section{{\textbackslash}section \makeatletter\f@size pt\makeatother}
\subsection{{\textbackslash}subsection\makeatletter\f@size pt\makeatother}
\subsubsection{{\textbackslash}subsubsection\makeatletter\f@size pt\makeatother}
\paragraph{{\textbackslash}paragraph\makeatletter\f@size pt\makeatother}

I suspect this is an expansion problem. I saw this question: How could I check what font size is in pt for \section, \subsection, and \subsubsection?

But I would like to know why my code does not work.

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Your code doesn't work because you're issuing \makeatletter at the wrong time; category codes are not changed when tokens have already been absorbed.

You need

\section{\textbackslash section\f@size pt}

but it's better to use a specific macro.


\newcommand{\cs}[1]{\textbackslash #1}
\newcommand{\fs}{\f@size pt}


\section{\cs{section}: \fs}

\subsection{\cs{subsection}: \fs}

\subsubsection{\cs{subsubsection}: \fs}


enter image description here

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Thanks for the most recent edits, I was just wondering about wrapping the sections with \makeatletter and \makeatother. That solidified my understanding. I assume the reason why the other code is better is to keep all category code changes out of the body? – macmadness86 Jan 21 at 7:53
@macmadness86 No, the other code is better because you don't repeat code. – yo' Jan 21 at 8:13

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