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How can you instruct latex to use \int\limits as default for \int except when it's in inline math mode?


In display math: \int is replaced by \int\limits

In inline math: \int should stay \int

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To use \int\limits where? In displayed formula? Please, add an example code. – Sigur Jan 29 at 20:09
I've added an example that should answer your question. – ndrizza Jan 29 at 20:12
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Just load the amsmath package with the option intlimits.

A full MWE (minimum working example):

$\int_0^1 \quad \displaystyle \int_0^1$

enter image description here

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Thanks that worked! Since I'm using mathtools too I had to add that option there too in order not to get a name clash with amsmath. – ndrizza Jan 29 at 20:22
@ndrizza - The mathtools package loads the amsmath package automatically -- no need to load both explicitly. – Mico Jan 29 at 20:23
Thank you! I was never sure about that. - That might explain the name clash. Indeed if I remove the import nothing changes. – ndrizza Jan 29 at 20:24

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