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How can I type this notation in latex? enter image description here

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With amsmath use f_n \xrightarrow{\mu} f. – Sigur Jan 30 at 20:47
Thanks a lot, it works!!! But the arrow is a bit short, how can I make it longer? – SiXUlm Jan 30 at 20:51
Like this for example: f_n \xrightarrow{\enskip\mu\enskip} f . Alternatively you could use a longrightarrow and overset. This way the arrow is always the same length: f_n \overset{\mu}{\longrightarrow} f. – Benjamin Jan 30 at 20:52
@Benjamin: It is exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks a lot!!! – SiXUlm Jan 30 at 20:55
Or you define your own custom xrightarrow with a fixed width: \newcommand{\myrightarrow}[1]{\xrightarrow{\makebox[2em][c]{$\scriptstyle#1$}}}‌​. You can use it then like this: f_n \myrightarrow{\mu} f – Benjamin Jan 30 at 20:59
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As Sigur mentioned in the comments you could use amsmath's \xrightarrow{•}.

f_n \xrightarrow{\mu} f

Unfortunately this leads to a quite short arrow:


There are multiple options to get a longer arrow. You could just add some space at the left and right. But this still leads to differently long arrows depending on the overset content.

f_n \xrightarrow{\enskip\mu\enskip} f
f_n \xrightarrow{\enskip L^p\enskip} f

with space

To prevent this you could use \overset{•}{•} combined with a \longrightarrow.

f_n \overset{\mu}{\longrightarrow} f
f_n \overset{L^p}{\longrightarrow} f


But in this case imho the arrow is still a little bit short. So the best way is probably to define a custom \xrightarrow with a fixed width like this. Change the predefined value 2em to get a shorter or longer arrow.


Which can then easily be used like this:

f_n \myrightarrow{\mu} f
f_n \myrightarrow{L^p} f 

enter image description here

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very complete answer. Thanks!!! – SiXUlm Jan 30 at 23:17

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