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I need to turn this

my little pony

into this

\bar{my little pony}

I have tried this:


But this seems to only make \bar apply on the first character, like so:

\bar{m}y little pony
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I think the title is misleading. You rather want to have a command acting on the environment body – Christian Hupfer Feb 2 at 8:47
Welcome to TeX.SE! – Mico Feb 2 at 8:49
Doesn't \newenvironment{FOO}{\bar\bgroup}{\egroup} work? – Hagen von Eitzen Feb 2 at 14:30
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(Admittedly, the example with \color) could be achieved without this, but let us assume \mycmd is more complex for the real case and not a toy 'theory';-))

Collecting the environment body is easiest with environ package and its \NewEnviron command and \BODY.





my little pony



More complex examples might have to use a \expandafter before \BODY.

enter image description here

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Please note that there might be cases where an \expandafter for the \BODY is necessary before the command \mycmd comes into action – Christian Hupfer Feb 2 at 11:36

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