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When I use XeLateX on my mac I can get multiple variations for Zapfino like for example explained here under Glyph Variants. However this does not work when I run the same code though LuaLaTeX. Is there a way to get this functionality there as well?

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I assume you are on Mac OS X and using Apple shipped version of Zapfino, then the answer is no; this is an AAT font and LuaLaTeX does not support AAT features. There is however an OpenType version of Zapfino by Linotype, it should work with LuaLaTeX (IIRC, Hans was using it as a benchmark while developing the OpenType code).

Update: here is an modified version of the aforementioned example to work with the OpenType font.

output of the example below

%!TEX TS-program = lualatex
%!TEX encoding = UTF-8 Unicode

% Dario Taraborelli (2008), Khaled Hosny (2011)
% The Beauty of LaTeX
% URL: http://nitens.org/taraborelli/latex
% Some rights reserved: CC-BY-SA

\usepackage{xcolor, fontspec, graphicx}

\newcommand{\red}[1]{\color{red} #1}
\newcommand{\reda}[1]{\fontspec[Color=red,Variant=2]{Zapfino Extra LT Pro}#1}
\newcommand{\redb}[1]{\fontspec[Color=red,Variant=3]{Zapfino Extra LT Pro}#1}
\newcommand{\redc}[1]{\fontspec[Color=red,Variant=4]{Zapfino Extra LT Pro}#1}
\newcommand{\redd}[1]{\fontspec[Color=red,Variant=5]{Zapfino Extra LT Pro}#1}
\newcommand{\rede}[1]{\fontspec[Color=red,Variant=6]{Zapfino Extra LT Pro}#1}
\newcommand{\redf}[1]{\fontspec[Color=red,Variant=7]{Zapfino Extra LT Pro}#1}
\newcommand{\redg}[1]{\fontspec[Color=red,Variant=8]{Zapfino Extra LT Pro}#1}
\newcommand{\lbl}[1]{\color{lightblue} #1}
\newcommand{\lbla}[1]{\fontspec[Color=lightblue,Variant=2]{Zapfino Extra LT Pro}#1}
\newcommand{\lblb}[1]{\fontspec[Color=lightblue,Variant=3]{Zapfino Extra LT Pro}#1}
\newcommand{\lblc}[1]{\fontspec[Color=lightblue,Variant=4]{Zapfino Extra LT Pro}#1}
\newcommand{\lbld}[1]{\fontspec[Color=lightblue,Variant=5]{Zapfino Extra LT Pro}#1}
\newcommand{\lble}[1]{\fontspec[Color=lightblue,Variant=6]{Zapfino Extra LT Pro}#1}
\newcommand{\lblf}[1]{\fontspec[Color=lightblue,Variant=7]{Zapfino Extra LT Pro}#1}
\newcommand{\lblg}[1]{\fontspec[Color=lightblue,Variant=8]{Zapfino Extra LT Pro}#1}

\fontspec[Ligatures={Common, Rare}]{Zapfino Extra LT Pro}%
\fontsize{25pt}{30pt}\selectfont #1}
\noindent{\red d}roo{\lbl g}
\noindent{\reda d}roo{\lbla g}
\noindent{\redb d}roo{\lblb g}
\noindent{\redf d}roo{\lblf g}\\[.3cm]
\noindent{\redc d}roo{\lblc g}
\noindent{\redd d}roo{\lbld g}
\noindent{\rede d}roo{\lble g}
\noindent{\redg d}roo{\lblg g}\\[.2cm]

PS: This can be written in a more compact way, but I didn't want to diverge that much from the original example.

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With the open Type Version from Linotype you cannot show such effects. – Herbert Sep 21 '11 at 18:16
@Herbert, I updated the answer, there is an example now. – Khaled Hosny Sep 21 '11 at 19:01
What version of the otf do you have? Mine is "LinotypeZapfino-One" Version 005.001, and I cannot get such effects. – Herbert Sep 21 '11 at 19:10
@Herbert: Zapfino Extra LT Pro is newer font, it combines the older four Linotype Zapfino fonts with extensive OpenType features, see twardoch.com/download/typotechnica2005_zapfino.pdf – Khaled Hosny Sep 21 '11 at 20:08
I see ... thanks – Herbert Sep 21 '11 at 20:31

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