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From Beautiful Evidence:

enter image description here

Each paragraph is left-justified but neither excessively hyphenated nor ragged on the right side.

The tufte-book class seems to be too ragged. How can I configure the balance between "raggedness" and hyphenation in the tufte-book class?

It seems to use

\setlength{\RaggedRightRightskip}{\z@ plus 0.08\hsize}

but I don't know if this is the right variable to modify.

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That is the correct variable to play with. It is allow lines to be up to 8% shorter than standard. Try reducing it via e.g.

\setlength{\RaggedRightRightskip}{0pt plus 0.02\hsize}

for a percentage (here 2%) of the line length or

\setlength{\RaggedRightskip}{0pt plus 1em}

for an absolute possible shortfall. For the tufte classes this change needs to be made in the preamble.

See the documentation of the ragged2e package for further information.

Here are a couple of samples, first with a short fall of 1em:

Sample one

and then as standard

Sample two


\usepackage{lipsum}       %Dummy text in Latin
\usepackage[latin]{babel} %Correct hyphenation patters

\setlength{\RaggedRightRightskip}{0pt plus 1em}



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