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Has anyone ever drawn a football field in latex? I know that could seem like a strange request. But I'm looking for a package that allows me to draw a football field.

football field

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You'll probably have to do it by hand, it's very unlikely that a package could do that. Do you know TiKz ? – Clément Feb 11 at 20:09
This can be drawn any packages capable to draw lines, squares and circles, and coloring them. For examplepstriks and TikZ amount of them. – Zarko Feb 11 at 20:11
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This is my version of it. I used the official measurements then divided them by 10 and switched from meters to centimeters (otherwise you'd need a really huge piece of paper to print it on).

I have included a command \showmeasures that will print the measures (the real ones).



enter image description here

With measures

enter image description here


\usetikzlibrary{arrows.meta, calc}


    every node/.style={draw=white, very thick, inner sep=0, outer sep=0},
    every path/.style={draw=white, very thick},

\begin{scope}[shift={(#1)}, transform shape, rotate=#2]
\node[minimum width=.55cm,minimum height=1.832cm, anchor=west] (small#2) at (0,0) {};
\node[minimum width=1.65cm,minimum height=4.032cm, anchor=west] (big#2) at (0,0) {};
\node[minimum width=.244cm, minimum height=.732cm, anchor=east] (goal#2) at (0,0) {};
\node[inner sep=.3mm, circle, fill=white] (penalty#2) at (1.1,0) {};
    \tikzset{every path/.style={}}
    \clip (big#2.south east) rectangle ++ (1,5); 
    \draw[white, very thick] (penalty#2) circle (0.915cm);

    \tikzset{every node/.style={draw=none,fill=field, inner sep=2pt, sloped}}
    \draw[black, {Latex}-{Latex}] ($(contour.north west)+(0,.5)$) -- ($(contour.north east)+(0,.5)$) node[midway] {\textbf{Sideline:} min 90m - max 120m};
    \draw[black, {Latex}-{Latex}] ($(contour.south west)+(-.6,0)$) -- ($(contour.north west)+(-.6,0)$) node[midway] {\textbf{Goal line:} min 45m - max 90m};
    \draw[black, -{Latex}] (penalty0) --++ (-15:0.915cm) node[midway, above, font=\scriptsize, fill=none, yshift=2pt] {r = 9.15m};
    \draw[black, {Latex}-{Latex}] ($(small0.south east)+(-.2,0)$) -- ($(small0.north east)+(-.2,0)$) node[midway,above, fill=none,font=\scriptsize] {18.32m};
    \draw[black] ($(small0.north west)+(0,.2)$) -- ($(small0.north east)+(0,.2)$) node[midway, above, font=\scriptsize, fill=none, xshift=3pt] {5.50m};
    \draw[black] (contour.south east) --++ (135:1mm) node[anchor=south east] {r = 1m};
    \draw[black, {Latex}-{Latex}] ($(big180.south east)+(-.5,0)$) -- ($(big180.north east)+(-.5,0)$) node[midway,above, rotate=180,fill=none,font=\scriptsize] {40.32m};
    \draw[black, {Latex}-{Latex}] ($(big180.south west)+(0,.2)$) -- ($(big180.south east)+(0,.2)$) node[midway,above,fill=none,font=\scriptsize] {16.50m};
    \draw[black] (contour.east) --++ (-11mm,0) node[midway,above, fill=none,font=\scriptsize] {11m};
    \node[font=\small, rotate=-90, yshift=5mm] at (goal180) {\textbf{Goal:} 7.32m $\times$ 2.44m};
    \draw[black, -{Latex}] (contour.center) --++ (0:0.915cm) node[midway, above, fill=none,font=\scriptsize, yshift=2pt] {r = 9.15m};

\fill[field] (-1,-1) rectangle (13,10);
\node[minimum width=12cm, minimum height=9cm] (contour) at (6,4.5) {};

% Center
\draw (contour.north) -- (contour.south);
\draw (contour.center) circle (0.915cm);
\fill[white] (contour.center) circle (.5mm);

% Areas

% Corners
\foreach \corner [count=\xi starting from 0] in {south west, south east, north east, north west}{
    \begin{scope}[rotate around={90*\xi:(contour.\corner)}]
        \draw ([xshift=1mm]contour.\corner) arc (0:90:1mm);

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Of course Italians are more knowledgeable than Spaniards about soccer. ;-) – egreg Feb 11 at 22:51
@egreg I'm more of a TikZ fan than I am of soccer though. :P – Alenanno Feb 11 at 23:20
@egreg Wait, I thought we were talking about football :) – Andrew Cashner Feb 11 at 23:49
Cool! Can you add circles/something to represent players in a formation and their names? If so, it'd be a complete package – innisfree Feb 12 at 10:35

Adjust next code to correct dimensions:

![enter image description here



\draw (0,0) rectangle (5,6);
\draw (0,1.5) rectangle ++(1.75,3);
\draw (0,2) rectangle ++(0.5,2);
\draw (0,2.5) rectangle ++(-0.1,1);
\draw (0.1,0) arc (0:90:.1);
\draw (0.1,6) arc (0:-90:.1);
\draw[fill] (1.25,3) circle (1pt);
\draw (5,3.8) arc (90:270:.8);
\clip (1.75,0) rectangle ++(2,6);
\draw (1.25,3) circle (1cm);

\begin{tikzpicture}[background rectangle/.style={fill=green}, show background rectangle]

\begin{scope}[xshift=10cm, xscale=-1]
\draw[fill] (5,3) circle (1pt);


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You could even have used symmetry four times instead of two ;-) – Clément Feb 11 at 20:27
@Clément So long time wanting to use symmetry and it's not good enough. :-) – Ignasi Feb 11 at 20:33
I think that the grass needs watering! – Andrew Feb 11 at 20:40
Too much water, too much water! Have a look at http://latexcolor.com/ to pick a nice green (for instance, \definecolor{green(html/cssgreen)}{rgb}{0.0, 0.5, 0.0}). And now the lines needs to be in white! – Clément Feb 11 at 21:04
@ryuk : the best way to thank Ignassi for his / her answer is to mark it as accepted. See here if you don't know how to do that. – Clément Feb 11 at 21:38

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