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I may be able to use this Unicode character for gas pumps with XeLaTeX, but I am looking for a package that provides such a symbol. Or any other native LaTeX approach?

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After seeing ALL sorts of symbols here at pp. 118-205, and not spotting this one, I am afraid that no, that symbol is not offered by a font package. – MickG Feb 11 at 21:06
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I went to the place you pointed and downloaded the image as fuel_pump.png. Then I create a macro that scales it to the current \strut size.

normalsize pump: \fuelpump

\LARGE or LARGE: \fuelpump

enter image description here

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Thanks! Instead of .png, I saved the .svg file as .pdf and used it. Works great! – Chang Feb 12 at 3:30

The only font I have that provides the glyph is Symbola that you can download from http://users.teilar.gr/~g1951d/





This is the symbol for a gas pump: \gaspump


enter image description here

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