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I'm using beamer to create a presentation and I'd like to mix item shapes. Namely, I'd like to use something like

\item[\circle] Something
\item[\triangle] A conclusion

What's the name of the triangle shape used as a beamer template?

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please see detexify.kirelabs.org/classify.html – touhami Feb 14 at 18:41
@touhami Identifying symbols per se is not really the issue. – Alan Munn Feb 14 at 18:43
@AlanMunn I understand the question in this way, now I am not sure :-) – touhami Feb 14 at 18:46

Adapting the answer here:


  \frametitle{Some bullet shapes}
      \item<tri@1-> A triangle item
      \item<square@1-> A square item
      \item A circle  item


enter image description here

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