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I'm trying to include some pdf documents at the end of my document using pdfpages. My document has a binding offset as defined using the geometry package but pdfpages doesn't recognise it. I've looked through the package options for pdfpages but can't see anything.

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Did you know that pdfpages provides an offset in the form \includepdf[offset=<offx> <offy>]{<filename>} (see page 3 of the package documentation). Have you tried this? – Werner Sep 23 '11 at 18:48
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Not only, as Werner suggests, there's the offset= option, but options to be used throughout can be specified globally via \includepdfset

\includepdfset{offset=0.7cm 0cm}

where instead of 0.7cm there should be the amount of your binding correction. In twoside mode, this refers to a shift towards the outer margin, while in oneside mode it's always a shift to the right.

Insert that command just after loading pdfpages.

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Thanks Werner and egreg, between the offset and realising you can use the graphicx scale option, I've managed to get it working nicely. – Darling Sep 24 '11 at 12:50

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