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I have a beamer presentation in latex where I want to turn the colors into grayscale colors. It includes some graphics and text in various colors, and I want to eliminate this. Is there a way to just include a package and turn a given document/presentation to be black and white?

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Pass the option gray to the package xcolor



blackandwhite wrote that it doesn't have any effect. Here is a full minimal working example which works well:

\section{Abschnitt Nr.2}
\subsection{Listen I}
\item Einf\"uhrungskurs in \LaTeX
\item Kurs 2
\item Seminararbeiten und Pr\"asentationen mit \LaTeX
\item Die Beamerclass

\begin{frame}\frametitle{Aufz\"ahlung mit Pausen}
\item Einf\"uhrungskurs in \LaTeX \pause
\item Kurs 2 \pause
\item Seminararbeiten und Pr\"asentationen mit \LaTeX \pause
\item Die Beamerclass
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this doesn't work for me. it has no effect on the presentation. – blackandwhite Sep 24 '11 at 4:05
@blackandwhite: I edited my post. – Marco Daniel Sep 24 '11 at 7:59
@blackandwhite Do you mean you have external graphic files (.png, .jpg, etc) in colour, and they're not coming out as grayscale? AFAIK the only way to get them in B&W is to edit them in an external image editing program. – LianTze Lim Sep 24 '11 at 8:07
thanks, seems to work now. – blackandwhite Sep 26 '11 at 14:34

If you're just looking to change the color of text, header, footer and background, several of the default themes are b/w and grayscale.


These will result in remarkably different amounts of black vs. white with different themes. For example, try any (one) of the above with any (one) of the following.


But these would not convert your graphics files to b/w. This would only affect the parts of the layout that beamer colors in for you.

Here is a nice beamer theme gallery. http://deic.uab.es/~iblanes/beamer_gallery/

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