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the subscript is higher than in


So how does one set a function with dash and subscript correctly?

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Normally the adjustment is only needed if f_3 and f'_3 appear in the same formula; just do f^{}_3 in that case. It's not the only case where this trick is needed: look at a_1a_2^2 and a_1^{}a_2^{2}. – egreg Feb 15 at 9:19
the more usual name for this superscript symbol is "prime". – barbara beeton Feb 15 at 15:47
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I would input f'_{3}.

Beside this: it's a feature of TeX, not a bug, that the subscript position change if there is also a superscript. See Appendix G of the TeXbook. But you can change the fontdimens:


$\hbox{}$%initialize math 
$f^{}_3 f_3 f^{'}_3 f'_3$


The change is global, so if you want to revert it you will have to save the original values. There is also a package subdepth which does something similar.

enter image description here

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Thanks. I don't see how f'_{3} gives a output from f'_3. But the global change is helpful. – Daniel Feb 15 at 9:19
f_3 and f_{3} is equivalent, but the braces don't hurt, and as you need them for longer subscripts anyway, it is only consequent to use them always. – Ulrike Fischer Feb 15 at 9:27

Compare $f^{}_3 f_3 f^{'}_3 f'_3$

enter image description here

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Thanks. As mentioned, the second looks out of line to me. For the third the dash seems a bit too high. So I guess the first and last are the ones to go. Strange that LaTeX does not set them in line by default, i.e. $f_3$ and $f'_3$ being in line. – Daniel Feb 15 at 8:40

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