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What is command of \measuredangle doubled?


enter image description here enter image description here

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There is no such predefined symbol available, I'm afraid. – egreg Feb 20 at 9:41
If there is some standard usage for this symbol can you please provide a reference -- just curious. – Peter Grill Feb 20 at 11:45
echoing @PeterGrill's comment, if there is a standard usage and a reference (in a published source), i will be happy to submit it to unicode. – barbara beeton Feb 20 at 16:48
@ Peter Grill , @ barbara beeton yes it is exists in a geometry book that i am typing now. – Hadi Safi aghdam Feb 21 at 10:24
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There's no predefined symbol, as far as I know; you can get a decent emulation with picture mode. It's not really good at scriptscript size, but I don't think you'll need it at such level.








enter image description here

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