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I want to change the default style of enumerate from

  1. item1
  2. item2


 Stage 1. item1

 Stage 2. item2

So I use

\setbeamertemplate{enumerate item}{Stage \arabic{enumi}.}
\setbeamertemplate{enumerate item}{\arabic{enumi}.}

But I find that the position of the counter (enumi) is fixed while the word "Stage" is pushed to the left border of the slide (See the snapshot below).

enter image description here

So what can I do to have the enumerate counter display normally?

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Although not optimal, the following is a temporary work-around (until someone else provides a better alternative):

\usepackage{etoolbox}% http://ctan.org/pkg/etoolbox
\patchcmd{\beamer@enum@}{\llap}{\mbox}{}{}% \llap -> \mbox in \beamer@enum@
\setbeamertemplate{enumerate item}{~~Stage \arabic{enumi}.}

beamer uses a left overlap (\llap) for item labels in the enumerate environment. Hence, making this an \mbox (using \patchcmd from the etoolbox package) plus adding ~~ to the enumerate item as a prefix provides the correct spacing.

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