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Can someone please explain in more details what UpTeX / UpLaTeX really is?

I can only find japanese documenation about it.

I knew some ways to type CJK-fonts and directions with TeX and its engines but never heard of UpTeX before.

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It is the Unicode version of pTeX (pLaTeX), a japanese version of TeX (LaTeX). In difference to pTeX it can use all unicode characters:

Edit: OpenType fonts (such as Hiragino, Kozuka) can be used also with pTeX. Actually, pTeX and upTeX do nothing about fonts; whether a font can be used with them depends on dvipdfmx.

\documentclass[dvipdfmx]{utarticle} % dvipdfmx driver option (for color) required, for post-processing of dvipdfmx
\usepackage{color} % not required for this example...
破提宇子と云う天主教を弁難した書物のある事は、知っている人も少くあるまい。これは、元和六年、加賀の禅僧巴毗弇なるものの著した書物である。巴毗弇は当初南蛮寺に住した天主教徒であったが、その後何かの事情から、DS 如来を捨てて仏門に帰依する事になった。書中に云っている所から推すと、彼は老儒の学にも造詣のある、一かどの才子だったらしい。

お母樣御機嫌よう好い新年をお迎へなされませ、左樣ならば參りますと、暇乞わざと恭しく、お峰下駄を直せ、お玄關からお歸りではないお出かけだぞとづぶ〳〵しく大手を振りて、行先は何處、父が涙は一夜の   [...]


You have to run the example with uplatex which creates a dvi output which then has to be convert into a pdf with dvipdfmx:

enter image description here

And, of course, it is easier to use as xelatex with the cjk packages. More information is available from http://www.t-lab.opal.ne.jp/tex/uptex_en.html

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This looks really nice. However, I wonder if the Japanese actually use arabic numerals. – Henri Menke Feb 23 at 8:13
@HenriMenke: you mean 1 and so on? Yes, they do. – Smar Feb 23 at 10:03
Great, never heard of it before. And the 1 million $ question: Is there a nice and easy way to write Kanji with furigana (Hiragano on top/right of it)? I only now the \ruby solution from XeLaTex. – buhtz Feb 24 at 7:49
I Never used it. Have a look into the manual – Herbert Feb 24 at 13:19
I'm a Japanese, and I prefer upLaTeX to XeLaTeX for two reasons: first, XeTeX doesn't support vertical writing, but upTeX does. Second, horizontal writing of upTeX is also more beautiful than that of XeTeX, as upTeX engine itself supports many features required for Japanese typesetting. You can use \ruby from pxrubrica.sty in upTeX and pTeX, which is available from CTAN. – Hironobu YAMASHITA Mar 1 at 13:25

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