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I write a German text in case that matters and use these packages:


... starting a document

Idee des "guten Willens" an

... there comes more text

When I compile this, the output reads Idee des "guten Willensän instead of Idee des "guten Willens" an

I heard LaTeX changes "a to ä automatically, so this could be the reason of my error. How can I turn this feature off in case it is the problem?

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This doesn't answer the question, but in general, you should use single quotes (grave `` and normal ' ' ) to denote quoted material. – Steven B. Segletes Feb 23 at 12:53
Welcome to LaTeX! Welcome to TeX.SX! You can have a look at our starter guide to familiarize yourself further with our format. Quotation marks in LaTeX should be indicated by `` and '' and not ". – JP-Ellis Feb 23 at 12:56
@StevenB.Segletes: Your quotes are for english, not german. – Ulrike Fischer Feb 23 at 13:01
@UlrikeFischer I learn something new each day. Thanks! – Steven B. Segletes Feb 23 at 13:02
The space after an active duoble quote (") is ignored. This is a feature, not a bug. – jknappen Feb 23 at 13:04
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Here some variants to insert (german) quotes: I prefer the variants which make use of csquotes. Also don't load ucs or use utf8x unless you really need it.

\MakeAutoQuote{«}{»}  % or \MakeAutoQuote {„}{“}  

% ngerman shorthands:
"`Text mit \glq einem inneren Zitat\grq\ und weiter"'

%ngerman commands:
\glqq Text mit \glq einem inneren Zitat\grq\ und weiter\grqq\ und weiter

%direct utf8-input

%with csquotes:

%1. \enquote (inner quotes uses automatically single quote signs):
\enquote{Text mit \enquote{einem innerem Zitat} und weiter} und weiter

%2. with the \MakeAutoQuote set above:
«Text mit «einem innerem Zitat» und weiter» und weiter


enter image description here

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Thank you! For a beginner like me this is really helpful – Jonas Feb 23 at 13:09

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