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When is it preferable to use \[ instead of equation*? I find I often use the equation* environment in the following way:

some expression

Should I instead be using the \[ as below?

some expression
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The final lines in amsmath.sty are

2665 \DeclareRobustCommand{\[}{\begin{equation*}}
2666 \DeclareRobustCommand{\]}{\end{equation*}}
2667 \endinput
2668 %%
2669 %% End of file `amsmath.sty'.

This means that, when you load amsmath, \[...\] is completely equivalent to \begin{equation*}...\end{equation*}.

The latter is better if you use numbered equations, because it's easier to switch from unnumbered to numbered or conversely by removing or adding *.

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