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As soon as one uses biblatex with biber as backend and uniquename=true enabled, the test \ifnamesequal{editor}{author} inside the bbx-file (here: authortitle-dw.bbx) won't expand to true even if the fields {editor} and {author} are identical in the bib-file. This is because uniquename adds a value to the namelist labelname (= author) so that \ifnamesequal{editor}{author} expands to false in any case. Compare following example with uniquename=true and uniquename=false. In the first case, the output of the editor is "Zeller" and in the second case "ders". Is there a way to get "ders" even with uniquename=true?


Address = {G{\"o}ttingen},
Author = {Dieter Zeller},
Booktitle = {Menschwerdung Gottes -- Verg{\"o}ttlichung von Menschen},
Editor = {Dieter Zeller},
Number = {7},
Pages = {141-176},
Series = {NTOA},
Shorttitle = {Menschwerdung},
Title = {Die Menschwerdung des Sohnes Gottes im Neuen Testament und die antike Religionsgeschichte},
Year = {1988}}



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This is a bug in biblatex which has already been reported and should be fixed with the next release which is due soon.

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