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I saw in the latest updates to CTAN that the amsmath package is now called latex-amsmath. What effects is this change going to make for me? Am I going to have to \usepackage{latex-amsmath} in the future, when my TeX distribution updates?

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No difference at all, you may not have noticed but earlier in the year the latex graphics package catalogue entry similarly changed to latex-graphics.

This is simply a matter of organising the catalogue so that there can be separate entries for latex-amsmath which covers the whole bundle amsmath, amstext, amscd etc, and for amsmath which just refers to the amsmath.sty package itself. Similarly latex-graphics in the CTAN catalogue includes graphicx and color but graphics in the catalogue is just graphics.sty.

It has no affect on the installed files at all.

Separately from this catalogue entry change, amsmath has been updated so that it does not generate errors every time it is used once luatex is updated to 0.89 (as planned for texlive 2016).

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Got it. I went to CTAN, and I see now that there are two entries now in the catalog, one for each amsmath and latex-amsmath. Do you know if they will keep both entries? I see that the documentation for the latex-amsmath entry is already (rather significantly) different from the documentation for the amsmath entry. – Anthony Mottaz Mar 3 at 14:58
@AnthonyMottaz I'm sure they'll do whatever I ask (I uploaded the update:-) – David Carlisle Mar 3 at 17:23
@AnthonyMottaz There have been several edits done to the catalogue entries it may take a day or two to reach all mirrors so hopefully it'll be in a stable state soon enough. – David Carlisle Mar 3 at 17:25

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