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I want to make the left quote,


printed out with pdflatex exactly like the one above (it is also displayed like that when I typed on my Mac).

I tried with following ones:

not this one `

verbatim also does not work: \verb|`|, \verb|\`|

\texttt{`} is texttt, but also not correct

this one \`~is correct displayed

this one \`is not correct displayed again

Here is the output:

Enter image description here

The fourth line was printed out correctly. However, I cannot make the left quote close to the text after it. It will become the small quote above the character like the next line (ì). How do I remove the space?

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\def\leftquote{\`{}}? I mean you already found out which one worked... – Bakuriu Mar 12 at 12:39
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If I understand your objective correctly, you're looking to typeset the left-hand apostrophe as a standalone "grave" accent. As you've discovered,


gets the job done. Alternatively, you could type \char18.

Additional Remarks:

  • If the T1 font encoding scheme is in use, one must type \char0 instead of \char18 in order to generate a standalone grave symbol.

  • If the upquote package is loaded,


    also generates a straight rather than curly left quote -- in verbatim mode.

enter image description here

\obeylines % just for this example
standalone grave accent: \`{}
\verb|\char18| in various font shapes
\qquad upright Roman: \char18
\qquad monospaced: \texttt{\char18}
\qquad italic: \textit{\char18}
\qquad sans-serif: \textsf{\char18}
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worked like a charm! thank you – scmg Mar 12 at 10:07

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