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Based on an answer on new line for doi eprint url in the bibliography with biblatex, a question arose on the possible use of the \footcite command with the provided new style. This \footcite command seems to be a good compromise for rather long scripts where you do not want to disturb the main text with things like [Author Year] (authoryear style) or when you want to provide more information than [1] (numeric style). So, the question is how to create a personal biblatex style based on the numeric style that would provide information in a footnote when \footcite is used. Minimal information here should be thought for each case @article, @book, @phdthesis, @inproceedings but would just indicate contracted author names, title, year... The link to the main reference in the bibliography section should be added as well in the footnote.

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You can define a new citation command based on \footcite under the numeric style and the generic citation commands \citeauthor, \citetitle and \citeyear. How all the entry information is ordered and delimited is up to you. Here's an example.


% Adapted from \footcite in numeric.cbx and generic citation
% commands \citeauthor, \citetitle, \citeyear in biblatex.def



Filler text.\footpartcite{bertram}
Filler text.\footpartcites(See)(for example){markey}[10--15]{companion}

enter image description here

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