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I tried searching the mailing list for this but maybe I'm searching for the wrong thing.

Basically, I have something I want to put in the index, but it has a plus symbol in it. ConTeXt interprets the plus symbol as a level separator, and as a result, the item I'm indexing comes out wrong.


Lorem\index{Hello + World} ipsum



Old index

But what I want (mocked up myself):

enter image description here

I tried manually adding the entry with \setregisterentry but no matter what I tried giving that command it never seemed to give me the plus symbol back.

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You can use the \textplus command in your index entry, i.e. \index{Hello \textplus\ World}. – Metafox Mar 18 at 10:01
@Metafox you might want to make that an answer – DG' Mar 18 at 10:09
@DG' That’s not necessary. – Metafox Mar 18 at 10:12
@Metafox Ok, I will cleanup my answer and the comments then – DG' Mar 18 at 10:14
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You can use \textplus in the index:

Lorem\index[Hello + World]{Hello \textplus\ World} ipsum


enter image description here

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I knew it would be something simple! – dreamlax Mar 18 at 22:14

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