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I want to write this

required text

But it becomes to this in the resulting PDF file

enter image description here

How can i prevent LaTex from converting the apostrophe combination to this weird character?

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Add a space inbetween: " e. – Johannes_B Mar 27 at 15:18
Never use " for quotes, but always double back quote and '' – egreg Mar 27 at 15:19
@Johannes_B Didn't help, the result is the same as before – Manuel Fuchs Mar 27 at 15:19
@egreg thank you, this solved my problem – Manuel Fuchs Mar 27 at 15:20
Even better would be the use of package csquotes: \enquote{MARA}. – Johannes_B Mar 27 at 15:21
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Never use " for quotes. In particular, if you use babel-german, where " is a shorthand character.



``DAMN'' ebenfalls

,,Damn`` ebenfalls

"`Damn"' ebenfalls

"<Damn"> ebenfalls


enter image description here

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