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This question is related to this one: How to repeat top rows (column headings) on every page

But I want to repeat the header row of a table using supertabular and not long table.

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According to the manual of supertabular, declare

\tablehead{<the code you want for the common headings>}
\tablefirsthead{<the code for the first heading>}
\tabletail{<the code for the common bottoms>}
\tablelasttail{<the code for the last table bottom>}

just before starting the supertabular.

Pay attention: the supertabular environment and those declarations are to be enclosed in a group (the center environment, for instance). Otherwise you'll get the same heads and tails in all supertabular tables until you change the value of them.

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In the documentation you can find:

The command \tablefirsthead takes one argument, it defines the contents of the first occurence of the tabular head. The use of this command is optional. Don’t forget to close the head by a \\.

The command \tablehead takes one argument, it defines the contents of all subsequent ocurrences of the tabular head. Don’t forget to close the head by a \\

An example is presented is the documentation on page 3f.

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