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I'm trying to use the package biblatex-apa with babel. It is working except that the APA style requires that parenthetical citations and bibliography references separate the last author by "&" and not by "and".

The following shows the options I'm using:


However, though apa.bbx is meant to handle it, instead of "&" it is compiling with "y" (Spanish for and).

How can I manage to compile according to the APA style requirements?

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This is a problem due to the biblatex spanish.lbx which spanish-apa.lbx inherits from. It uses a "smart and" which is replacing ampersands. Add this to your preamble.


I'll update the APA style with this option for spanish.

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Thank you for your answer. I've editted my answer so that it incorporates both your solution to the bibliography and the workaround for truncated citations – Víctor H Cervantes Oct 5 '11 at 19:24

    andothers = {et al.},


Texto de relleno \parencite{bertram,companion}.
Texto de relleno \parencites{bertram,companion}.
Texto de relleno \textcite{bertram}.
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