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As I frequently use


I though a simple change could select the A8 paper:


But I get a warning saying the a8paper option is not used and the document size is still A4. I also tried a8 as option, but no luck. How can I specify the document size to A8?

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Use the geometry package to specify out-of-the-ordinary document sizes/dimensions. For example,

\usepackage[paperheight=74mm,paperwidth=52mm]{geometry}% http://ctan.org/pkg/geometry

Alternatively, you could also specify A8-size paper using papersize={<width>,<height>} where <width>=52mm and <height>=74mm. There is no a8paper option for geometry (or for the article document class), hence the manual specification. A-paper dimensions are available from: http://www.papersizes.org/a-paper-sizes.htm

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Use \usepackage[paper=A8,pagesize=auto]{typearea}

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