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For my thesis, I need to include a chapter which can "stand alone", meaning it must be formatted in a way that allows the pages to be exported and be published separately.

This means, I need to get rid of the header and footer on these pages. I tried using


and it works as expected, but I don't want to set it manually for each page in my chapter.

Is there a way to extend this command to spread to all pages in the current section or is there another way to achieve my goal?

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Use \pagestyle{empty} at the chapter start and switch back to \pagestyle{<normalstyle>} at the start of the next chapter. (<normalstyle> stands, e.g., for headings in the book class or for fancy if you use the fancyhdr package.)

In addition, it is necessary to set \thispagestyle{empty} at the chapter start in order to override the starting page's internal plain style.










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perfect. I tried these two commands only separately before, but the combination works perfectly. Thank you! – Dan Soap Oct 8 '11 at 21:23

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