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I have made this command:

\subsubsection{{\bf Example #1}{{\color{lightgray}\hrule width 22mm height 1.5pt}\hfill}}%

and it's working fine, unless if I m trying to put an \example inside an itemize or enumerate environment, in which case the line is not indented, and so it's not aligned nicely underneath the indented "Example". I thought about using a rule instead of an hrule {\color{lightgray}\rule{\linewidth}{1.5pt}}

but this doesn't seem to work inside the subsubsection. It produces an error. Any suggestions? I'd prefer to avoid using extra packages if possible. Thanks!

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You can't use \subsubsection in an itemized or enumerated list.

Perhaps this code does what you want:


  \noindent\textbf{\examplerule\theexample\ Example #1}\par\vspace{1ex}

EDIT: this will draw a line as wide as the example label and also allow for \example* that doesn't print a number, nor step the example counter.


    \def\exampletext{\textbf{\theexample\ \examplename\ #1}}%
    \def\exampletext{\textbf{\examplename\ #1}}%

You can define \examplename as you wish.

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this looks great! thanks! any easy way to change "22mm" that I had put to match the word's size? I will be changing the word example to the equivalent word in greek, and sometimes there won't be a number next to it. BTW, why do you say subsubsection is not working inside at itemized environment? the code i had included works just fine with itemize, it's the rule i was having trouble with.. – sfranky Oct 9 '11 at 13:35
I've edited the answer: you can use \example* for unnumbered examples and the rule width covers all of the label. – egreg Oct 9 '11 at 13:53
thanks very much! you've been most helpful!! – sfranky Oct 9 '11 at 17:24

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