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I would like to define the horizontal space between entries and their corresponding labels in my .bst bibliography, obtained with makebst. I tried with:


but it doesn't work.

Could someone suggest me a solution?

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Something like this should work (type it in the preamble):

  {\labelsep=0.7cm \advance\leftmargin\labelsep}{}{}
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Perfect!!!!Thank you very very much! – Marco Oct 11 '11 at 17:16

the width of the label isn't defined in the .bst file, but (usually) in the document class or bib style package (e.g. natbib.sty). look in the .cls or .sty file that you're using for the thebibliography environment. the width of the indent will be set with \leftmargin, but the exact components will vary depending on the particular style being used.

in all styles i'm familiar with, this setting is done within a \list within the definition of thebibliography, so any resetting will depend on either a redefinition of the entire environment, or (if you're lucky) of a subcomponent that can be redefined separately.

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