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I have an @article entry, which crossrefs a @periodical entry. I cite both of them. In my bibliography, I would like the article to refer to the periodical in the form of the citation, but i only get a more expanded form with the title included and without the date.






@Periodical{ journal,
title = "A Journal",
editor = "Elena Trug",
year = "2013",
issuetitle = "The theme of the issue",

@Article{ article1,
title = "About something",
author = "Walter Kerny",
crossref = "journal"







I get something like:

Kerny 2013; Trug 2013


Kerny, Walter (2013). "About something". In: The theme of the issue. Ed. by > Elena Trug.

Trug, Elena, ed. (2013). A Journal: The theme of the issue.

And I would like something like that for the article (like I had before I switched from BibTeX to biblatex):

Kerny, Walter (2013). "About something". In: Elena Trug, ed. (2013).

I hope I'm clear.

Edit: I used to manage this with BibTeX using an @incollection entry and an @book one.

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I've just found a workaround for biblatex: I write the following "note" field instead of the "crossref" field in the database entry of the article:

note = "{\citereset\textcite{journal}}",
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