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I am using this for captions:


But they all come out centred - I want them aligned with the left margin - how can I do this?

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Add the options justification=justified,singlelinecheck=false. This is described in the caption manual.

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brilliant thanks... is there anyway to "pad" the top of a caption so it has a little space above it? – flesh Sep 17 '10 at 1:15
Again, this is in the manual. It's the skip option. – TH. Sep 17 '10 at 1:20
forgiveme, i only started on latex today, i dont even know where i'd find the manual! – flesh Sep 17 '10 at 1:26
If you're using TeX Live, run texdoc caption at the command line. Otherwise, you can just read it on the web. – TH. Sep 17 '10 at 1:46

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