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I am writing a program, and I want it to do different things depending on which LaTeX packages have been installed. My current solution is to automatically generate simple .tex files that \usepackage the packages I care about and then automatically check if pdflatex can compile them or not. This solution seems slow and fragile. What is a better solution?

Edit: The program I am writing is in Python.

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Sorry, you want to check this from a program/script and not from inside a LaTeX document? The latter would be shown in Conditional “if a package is available”. – Martin Scharrer Oct 17 '11 at 18:33
See also Generate list of all installed (La)TeX files which has a similar background, i.e. a script which wants to get a list of all installed LaTeX packages. In your case you would just need to check that list. However, this is platform and probably LaTeX distribution dependent. – Martin Scharrer Oct 17 '11 at 19:11
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Do you want to detect from inside LaTeX? If so, there is


If you're external, there is kpsewhich foobar.sty, which gives you the path to the foobar.sty that latex would use.

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