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As I lay out here when using hypperef it appears to be problematic if anyone is using non-ASCII characters for hypertarget/hyperlink label names and then uses htlatex (with MikTeX on Windows) to produce HTML files.

Long story short is that using \hypertarget{labelTwö}{Link Text Two} (note non-ASCII ö) will simply not work with htlatex, but will work with pdfLaTeX.

Sub points for me here are:

  • Is this expected?
  • Why does it not work?
  • Does it work under non MikTeX systems?
  • Any way to make it work?
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I would certainly expect troubles. \label expands commands in his argument. And Umlaute are commands if you use inputenc. As an example


Without the T1-encoding in fontenc this wouldn't work in pdflatex, with T1 the definition of ö and ä is a bit more "label"-friendly. But if you look in the aux-file you see \newlabel{\"o\"a}{{1}{1}}. Chances that things like this breaks later are high.

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