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Here is my document :


% must-have packages
\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} % This package will support Turkish chars
% must-have packages


% settings
% settings




When I try to build a pdf out of this file I received bunch of errors. here is one of them :

Missing \endcsname inserted ...graphics[scale=0.5]{./images/image_3.png}}

When I remove the babel package, it runs smoothly. Even when I change the language to another language, it runs as well.

What is happening here?

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Just out of curiosity, can you please include \usepackage{pgf} and then try to use \pgfimage[height=3cm]{./images/image_3} . I wonder if the active character problem propagates. – percusse Oct 20 '11 at 19:29
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I believed that this problem had been solved, but it seems not.

Since you can input directly Turkish specific characters as Unicode, you should not need the = shortcuts; so


will cure the problem. In case you really need the shortcuts with =, the unique way seems to be to say


before all \includegraphics commands and \shorthandon{=} again after them.

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Please check the answers on this question: \newgeometry doesn't work with Turkish babel package. One answer by @karlkoeller gives an automatic way of switching the shorthand off before \includegraphics then on again after it.

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