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I am required to typeset a ToC that is narrower than the \textwdith or \linewidth. I use the \adjustwidth from the changepage package for this and it almost works except that it introduces a blank page before the actual ToC page.

I simplified this into a minimal example so you can see what is happening here (please copy & paste these two code blocks into two named files and compile the narrowtoc.tex):






\renewcommand{\contentsname}{Table of Contents}

\let\oldtableofcontents = \tableofcontents
%\clearpage % even after comment out this, there is still a blank page before the toc



\title{A normal title}
\author{My name}


\chapter{My first chapter}


The produced pdf file has 4 pages: its "Table of Contents" is in page 3, while page 2 is blank and page 1 is the title page.

How can I remove this blank page 2? Here the report document class is used, so this is not a problem solved by "oneside" option.

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The environment adjustwidth starts a list and then \oldtableofcontents issues a \clearpage (from \chapter*); add \let\clearpage\relax to the definition.

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I did not know the default \tableofcontents issues a \clearpage.. This works. Thanks a lot, egreg! – YIchun Oct 22 '11 at 18:36

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