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I updated the packages in my TexLive distribution earlier today and noticed that one line of code in my project no longer worked properly, namely the one I used to set the fake options for my monospaced font in xelatex.

In the previous version I was able to write

\setmonofont[AutoFakeBold=1.4, AutoFakeSlant=0.2]{Inconsolata}

But now I get the error

LaTeX error: "keyval/misplaced-equals-sign"
Misplaced equals sign in key-value input 9
Latex attempted to parse some key-value input but found two equals signs not separated by a comma.

So what is the correct syntax now?

Here's a MWE:

%!TEX TS-program = XeLaTeX
%!TEX encoding = UTF-8 Unicode



\setmonofont[AutoFakeBold=1.4, AutoFakeSlant=0.2]{Inconsolata}



Hello world

print("print should be in bold")
# this should be slanted

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It seems like a bug in fontspec, since the simple key AutoFakeSlant raises an error, while AutoFakeBold doesn't.

However, a more complicated specification seems to work:

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