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Possible Duplicate:
Renaming the bibliography page using BibTeX

I am writing an M.Sc thesis. I have problem trying to rename the bibliography as 'References'. I have tried quite a few tricks but they did not work. Some of the trick are


and also

\def\newblock{\hskip .11em plus .33em minus .07em}

The first code has no effect on the output while the second one changed my bibliography style. The bibliography was to be indent but it now appeared blocked after including the second code.

I also was a code to write 'chapter one' instead of 'chapter 1' meaning I want to write the chapter number in word instead of figures .

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It would also be helpful if you showed a complete minimal working example of your problem rather than just fragments. (e.g. it's important to know what document class you are using, and what package you are using for bibliography support: natbib, biblatex? – Alan Munn Oct 27 '11 at 13:57

use \AtBeginDocument{\renewcommand{\bibname}{References}} or use the babel-macro ? \addtocaptionsenglish{...}

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\AtBeginDocument{\renewcommand{\bibname}{References}} worked for me – David Wright Sep 15 '13 at 19:04

You wrote:

I also [want] a code to write 'chapter one' instead of 'chapter 1' meaning I want to write the chapter number in word instead of figures .

This can be solved by loading the fmtcount package in your document's preamble and by providing the following instructions:

\renewcommand{\thechapter}{\numberstring{chapter}} % for lowercase one, two, three, ...

It is also necessary to redefine the \thesection command, as otherwise you'd get strange-looking section headers that are numbered "two.1", "two.2", etc. If you want the text strings representing the chapter numbers start with an uppercase letter, just use the command \Numberstring.

You also wrote:

I have problem trying to rename the bibliography as 'References'.

It's strange that the command \renewcommand{\bibname}{References} doesn't work for you, as that is indeed the recommended way to achieve your goal. Are you maybe loading some bibliography-related packages after executing this command? If so, try moving the command to a later stage of the preamble.

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