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Quick question: is the navigator package compatible with the hyperref package?

It seems as though their responsibilities overlap somehow...

In which order should one load them?

Are there any other considerations for packages depending on one or the other (viz. the hypcap package)?

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Usually you should load hyperref at the very last. However, navigator might have similar needs so you should put both at the very end. They don't seem incompatible per-se, a simple file compiles with both loaded. It is a pitty that the manual navigator (the newer package) doesn't mentions the compatibility with hyperref (the de-facto standard). – Martin Scharrer Oct 29 '11 at 7:52
I suggest you ask this question in the comp.text.tex group, as the authors of both the hyperref and the navigator package are regular contributors to that forum. – Mico Oct 29 '11 at 12:13
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As suggested by @Mico I asked this very same question in the comp.text.tex group (thread here) and got the following answer from user zappathustra:

No incompatibility. At worst they'll compete for the document's properties (author, title, the way the PDF is displayed, etc.), but one will win silently over the other. Anyway Navigator doesn't set those properties automatically, but only if they're specified with the "navigator" parameter.

As for loading order, Navigator hasn't any requirement there, relative to whatever other package.

Best, Paul

So I guess that settles it :)

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