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I want to use jaxodraw for drawing nice Feynman diagrams. I've already downloaded binaries from here http://jaxodraw.sourceforge.net/download/index.html and the program works fine.

My problem is that once I run pdflatex in a file with the code exported by jaxodraw, I only got the labels and any diagram.

This is my .tex file:






  \begin{picture}(410,314) (95,-47)
% There is a postscript text here!
% There is a postscript text here!
% There is a postscript text here!


I read something about install the .sty file and I downloaded it and follow this instructions http://blog.irrepupavel.com/2007/02/installing-latex-style-files-sty-on.html, but it doesn't works for me.

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You should have received a number of Non-PDF special ignored! entries in your .log file after compiling this with pdflatex.

You need to compile your .tex file by following the latex -> dvips -> ps2pdf sequence, since you're dealing with pstricks. There are ways around compiling a document with pstricks functionality using pdflatex, but the former option is your easiest way out.

enter image description here

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AWESOME!!!! thanks @Werner. Actually compiled it with xelatex doesn't work for me, but the other options works perfectly!!! thanks!!!! – Alejandro Oct 30 '11 at 15:36

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